Tuesday, January 20, 2009

It is really happening!

Inauguration day. What a day. I took the entire day off. A knitting buddy, Mr. I and I watched the events unfold. An amazing day.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Day of Service

I worked all day and was unable to volunteer anywhere. However, I heard that it went well. People came from everywhere to volunteer because Obama asked them to. This is a very good thing.

When I'm around many of my friends, they don't get the inspiration at all. They think Obama is a joke and the whole movement is stupid. I think they don't even know there is a movement. But then, many of my friends are just not that interested in change. Most of them have health insurance, they currently have jobs so they don't see the need to be involved. One would think that I was speaking of people who are young and uninvolved....no, they are over 50 and uninvolved. And there you go. They are really good people and good friends...I just don't understand and they just think I'm impressionable, flighty and carried away.

Anyway, I'm very grateful that I am still living to see this time. I'm inspired to do something. I run a business so sometimes I just don't have structured time off, but there has to be a few things I can do to participate.

Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher have a new video "I Pledge". I'm trying to figure out what I can pledge. Tomorrow, I pledge to witness history. I took the day off to make sure that I see every minute that I can. I can't be in D.C., but I am going to be watching it all.

I'll work on my future pledges. I'll try to just keep blogging. It does my mind good even if no one sees it.

Here is the video: