Saturday, September 11, 2010

JUST SAY NO To Master Media Manipulation Day!

To commemorate this day, I am abstaining from all news. No TV News. No Radio News. No Cable "News". No political shows. No Huffington Post. I am sick and tired of Media Manipulation. It has been a week of heavy traffic on the manipulation highway and I am exiting at the first rest stop.

The week leading up to 9-11 was fraught with landmines. It's as though we, the American people (hell, dare I say the entire world this time) were the Media's human sacrifices in some sick and twisted ceremony. You know how the retail industry turned Christmas into nothing more than a secular spending spree? Well, the "News" Media has given September 11 a similar fate. Pretty soon, mark my words, you're going to see signs saying, "SEPTEMBER 11 MATTRESS SALE!! GET 'EM QUICK!" Is it so far from reality for every major and cable "news" station converting the week leading to 9-11 into "Sweeps Week" and digging up every freak, cretin, spurge & jackwagon from their resident pile of manure and parading them in front of us so we can get a good look at them? Is that really that far fetched? Seems to me that is exactly what happened to us all this last week.

My last straw was that idiot "preacher" in Florida who turned the entire world upside down thanks to the "News" Media's need to entertain us. It was a freaking fiasco. All that hatred. All that worry. All that COVERAGE....and for what? Giving an idiot his 15 minutes of fame. And now they are flying his hateful ass to NYC to talk to someone? An Imam? Unless they are checking his ass into Bellevue Sanitarium, there was no reason to fly his ass anywhere. RIDICULOUS!!!! The POTUS even said something about it? What the FUCK is going on in this world? We are all, including myself, eating this crap up with a spoon. We are falling for it every damn day. It is so damn out of control, I don't think it will ever stop. Freaking MADNESS!!!

So here we are on September 11, 2010. This day at the end of 9-11 week ends with "Master Media Manipulation Day". This year I'm not going to buy into it. In the immortal words of Popeye, "I've had all I can stand and I can't stands no more." I don't need some "Bubble Headed Bleach Blond" to tell me what to feel today. I think about 9-11 every day. It was horrible. It was life changing. It was terrifying. How the hell could ANYONE ever forget that day? The answer: No one who was alive and not in a coma on that day will ever forget the images we saw on TV......NO ONE!! So Media, STFU!

Can you imagine if WWII happened in this day? Can you imagine how many times every living citizen would have had to relive the bombing of Pearl Harbor? I understand commemorations. I understand not forgetting the victims, I really do. But we are doing a big disservice to treat this day as a Circus performance. Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin are even charging admission in Alaska. People are going to pay them money on 9-11 to watch those two Media Monkeys dance. God help us all.

That is my bitch for today.

P.S. Happy Birthday Mom! Sorry you have to deal with all this crap every damn birthday for the rest of your life.

One more thing.... For the love of Pete, let those poor children who were born on that awful day, have a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Stieglitz Collection at Fisk University

Georgia O'Keeffe Radiator Building

I read Georgia O'Keeffe: A Life a biography by Roxana Robinson many years ago. I just recently picked it up again to refresh my memory of the Fisk donation. It is very interesting reading indeed. When O'Keeffe gave the collection to Fisk, Fisk... remodeled a gymnasium to hold the collection. O'Keeffe wasn't happy with the way it turned out and actually came down to Tennessee to oversee the installation. She was disappointed when she arrived. In addition to the bad lighting, she writes in letters that Fisk did not have the funds for proper maintenance of the premises nor did they have enough to properly insure the collection. She felt that the collection was in danger of deterioration and actually reclaimed the collection for restoration. The book doesn't say why the collection was returned to Fisk. It just says that it was returned to Fisk.

Fisk University has had money problems for decades. Apparently even as the donation was being made. The Stieglitz collection will not save them....nor was it ever intended to. If Ms. O'Keeffe wanted it to "save" them financially, wouldn't she have permitted it during her lifetime? The book explains that O'Keeffe was behind the donation and had sympathy for black artists and writers. Stieglitz was not one to give museums anything for any reason. O'Keeffe ruled over all donations and was extremely particular on display, care etc. If Georgia O'Keeffe intended for the collection to be broken up, sold or not stored properly, seems to me she would have just sold it then, donated money to Fisk and moved on when she found out how in need they were when she arrived. And why would she had been so specific about the care and display of the donation if she wanted it to be sold? The courts say otherwise, but I'm afraid we will be here again 5 years after the sale and Fisk will have the same problems. It is a shame really. I want Fisk to survive, but I don't know that this is the way to do it.